What is The Rogue File?

The Rogue File is a blog by the host and creator of the Dean-O-Files show at Alternative Internet Radio and inspired by Brian Brushwood's definition of what makes a Modern Rogue. The information and observations found here are all written from the perspective of an Anarchist and skeptic, living through one of the most interesting times in political and social history. A socio-political rogue, outside of the dichotomous mainstream. Nothing here is without bias, but everything is viewed through the lens of the disaffected, despondent masses; those without faith in government, media, or corporatism. Those for whom ethics and freedom are paramount. Those who think for themselves.

Who is Dean-O?

Dean-O is a malcontent who holds a degree in Political Science from the University of North Texas and who minored in Journalism. Rather than falling in to accepted modes of social and political thinking, Dean-O saw nothing but holes in the ethics of the American political system, and in all political systems around the world. One can only think "This is wrong" so many times before finally speaking out. That is what Dean-O-Files is, and that is what this site is. The posts here will, by and large, serve as companions, condensations, or supplemental material to the topics discussed in the Dean-O-Files podcast

Contact Dean-O: 
@DeanOFiles on Twitter, or email deanofiles@pm.me.
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"May the history books read of all of our names,
Be it blood, be it ink, but at least we were free.
This is only but a fraction of what I've got to say,
But it must be said, it must be said.
If I leave this earth tonight, may it be said that I spoke my piece.
This is a revolution."

-The Chariot, "The City"